26 Jun 2011
The HKUST Robocon Team won Championship in the Robocon Hong Kong Contest 2011

The HKUST Robocon Team won Championship in the Robocon 2011 Hong Kong Contest held in Cyberport on 26 June 2011. They will represent Hong Kong to compete in the ABU Asia-Pacific Robot Contest in Bangkok this August.

The champion team "Fiery Dragon" is the only team among the eight which was able to complete all the required tasks in a game and gain full marks. Commentators attributed its outstanding performance to the robots' remarkable speed and stable movement in performing the tasks. Students who operated the robots on the game field were also very calm and could achieve full control of the robots.

An inter-institutional contest for higher education students, the Robocon Hong Kong Contest encourages the design and construction of robots which must then complete a set of tasks. The contest was organized by Radio Television Hong Kong and co-organized by Hong Kong Computer Society, The Hong Kong Institution of Engineers and Asia-Pacific Broadcasting Union (ABU).

This year, eight teams from six higher education institutions participated in the Contest. The team "Fiery Dragon", which was one of the two teams representing HKUST, received the Champion Award. The other HKUST team, "Candela", also performed very well.

The HKUST Robocon Team, consisting of 45 students from 6 engineering departments, is a sub-team of the HKUST Robotics Team and is supervised by Prof. Zexiang Li and Prof. Tim Woo of the ECE Department. 19 ECE and 11 CPEG students are core members of the Robocon Team.

Team Members from CPEG:
YANG Shou (CPEG), ZHANG Yusi (CPEG), HUANG Jihua (CPEG), HUANG Ye (CPEG), LI Dingzeyu (CPEG), CHAN Hoi Lam (CPEG), HO Lung Tak (CPEG), KONG Yuet Yee (CPEG), WANG Siqi (CPEG), TU Jia (CPEG), AJANI Nishaad (CPEG)

Team Members from ECE:
CHE Fengyu (ECE), LUO Yanjin (ECE), LU Xietong (ECE), LIAN Yuwen (ECE), ZHANG Yichi (ECE), FUNG Kam Hung (ECE), SONG Shuran (ECE), CAI Hong (ECE), MA Fangchang (ECE), LI Han (ECE), YU Fei (ECE), CHIU Cheuk Yin (ECE), YU Jiqiu (ECE), LIU Mengwei (ECE), MANG King Fung (ECE), NGAI Yu Hon (ECE), LU Yongxi (ECE), YE Jiaxin (ECE), CHEN Ximing (ECE).