08 May 2018
CPEG Students Achieved Excellent Result in HKUST President's Cup 2018
Out of the 5 awards in this year’s HKUST President’s Cup, CPEG students have received 4 including the President's Cup Winner, Gold Award and Special Mention. The winners are:
President's Cup Winner: Home - Based Device That Performs a Urine Test at Lab Level of Accuracy 
PRANATA Christian Edwin (ECE) 
Supervisor: Prof. Tim CHENG 
Gold Award: 3D Reconstruction and AR Indoor Navigation 
MOK Yui Ting (ECE) 
CHAN Chin Ching Gore (ECE) 
Supervisor: Prof. SH Song
Gold Award: Autonomous Domestic Water Purification System with Mobile Application
LEE Long Long Barry (CBE)
LEE Dustin (CBE&CSE)
FOK Ming Kit (CPEG)
Special Mention: Sonar and Acoustic Communication Systems for Urban Water Supply Systems 
PRINTZ Benedict (EEGBM) 
IYER Arvind (CPEG) 
LIU Kuan-fu (ECE) 
ROY Abhro (ECE) 
SOOD Pranay (ECE) 
GARG Sahaj (ECE) 
Supervisor: Prof. Ross Murch
The HKUST President’s Cup is an annual competition that invites students to embark on a tenacious pursuit of excellence in research and innovation. Inaugurated in 2002, the competition provides a unique learning experience to students – it encourages students’ creativity, cultivates students’ interest and expertise in research, and recognizes students’ excellence in achieving innovativeness. The competition is open to undergraduate students of all years and all disciplines. Students are welcome to join individually or as teams.


Budi Ryan (2nd right) and his teammates with Prof. Tim Cheng (1st left) and Prof. Wei Shyy (middle)